We know many of the wedding planning websites give you a list of questions to ask your photographer, so we are going to try and answer a few of them on here for you now:


Q. How long will it take to get our images back?

A. Your images will usually be ready between 4-6 weeks after your wedding date.


Q. How many images will I get from my wedding?

A. It depends on which package you want. 4 hour coverage will will around 200 images, 6 hours will have around 300 images and the 8 hour coverage will have approx 400 images. Everything on you USB flash drive will be retouched.


Q. When will I get my proofs?

A. Now that we are all digital the use of proofs has kind of died out for the most part. I don't deal with proofs, I go straight to the final digital images.


Q. Do you provide albums?

A. Yes! We work with one of the best album printers in the world who create the most beautifully amazing albums. We will custom design your wedding album and once you have approved it your album will take about 6 weeks to create and deliver.


Q. How long can you hold a date for me?

A. To make it fair for everyone unfortunately we are unable to hold a date or pencil you in without a signed contract and a $500 retaining fee.


Q. Do you give refunds on the deposit?

A. The retaining fee is non-refundable. Once you have paid your retaining fee and signed your contract we will guarantee that date for you and turn down other clients for that date. 


Q. How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding day?

A. One, we will only shoot one wedding in a day.


Q. Will you bring your own lighting?

A. Yes, any lighting that we will need we will bring.


Q. Do you work from a shot list?

A. We have done this so many times that there is a shot list embedded in our minds of the shots we have to capture at every wedding. We don't want to have our heads stuck in a checklist and miss the spontaneous stuff that is going on. That being said, you will get a questionnaire a couple of weeks before your big day so you can tell us about the family pictures and any other pictures that are important to you. So we don't work from a written shot list for the whole wedding but we will work from your shot list for your family formals and special request pictures. 


Q. What is your preferred style of photography?

A. Our studio style is contemporary classic. We want your photos to look as amazing in 30 years as they do today. There are many filters and photoshop effects that can be a little "trendy" and the thing about trends is they can go out of fashion. So we stick to a classic style with the true colors of the day. 


Q. We want a photo journalistic style, can you do that?

A. We can certainly see why the photojournalistic style is appealing and for most of a wedding day we will stand back and just capture the day with no direction. But......... There are times when direction is important to get the best image possible. We are thinking of those images that you would want on a large canvas in your home or as a double spread in your album. Those pictures need direction to make them amazing. You might need direction on a pose or on a backdrop or on lighting. Directed photos can be the most amazing pictures from your day. So we will shoot posed when the moment or the image needs it and we will shoot photojournalistic when we are capturing the natural moment. It really is the best of both worlds.


Q. I am ready to book! What do I do now.

A. Once you are ready to book we require a signed contract and the retainer fee. The balance is due no less than a month before your wedding date.